General liabilities of employer according to Work Health and Safety Law numbered 6331 are listed below:

Article 4:

Employer is obliged to protect health and safety of employees from hazards and risks arising due to workplace and works that they performed.

Employer’s obligation to take safety precautions or to outsource any part of it obligation for its employees is employer’s obligation against the State as well. Having employer maintain all devices equipment without any lack so as to fulfill such obligations does not obsolete obligation of employer.

Employer monitors and supervises whether work health and safety precautions taken in workplace are observed or not, and ensures elimination of nonconformities. (See Penal Clause 26-1  o for penalties)

Performs risk assessment or have it performed.

Determination of Hazard Class

ARTICLE 9 – (1) Workplace hazard classes are determined by considering short term insurance branches premium tariff, which is stipulated in Article 83 of Social Insurances and General Health Insurance law dated 31.05.2006 and numbered 5510, in line with opinions of commission consist of relevant parties under presidency of General Directorate of Work Health and Safety, and by directive issued by the Ministry. (2) Original work performed in such workplace is considered for determination of Workplace Hazard Class.

Risk Assessment, Control, Measurement and Research

ARTICLE 10 – (1) Employer is obliged to perform risk assessment in respect of work health and safety, or have it performed. While risk assessment is performed, following matters are considered: a) Statue of employees who may be affected by certain risks b) selection of work equipment and chemical materials and substances to be used for works c) layout and order of workplace ç) status of woman workers and group that require special policies such as young, disabled, older, pregnant and lactating women. (2) Employer determines work safety and health precautions and protective equipment and hardware to be used, which are determined in consequence of risk assessment. (3) work health and safety precautions to be applied in workplace and working methods and production methods should be applicable in every level of administrative structure of workplace and shall enhance protection level of employer’s health and safety. (4) Employer ensures that required control, measurement, research and inspections intended for determination of risk that exposes employees in working environment and workplace itself in respect of work health and safety are performed.

Article 26  ( o )= Five hundred Turkish Liras per employee administrative penalty is imposed to employers those who don’t provide CE marked Personal Protective Equipment that are in conformity with standards to their employees. Annex: 4/4/2015-6645/4 art.)


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