Tekos Flange Shield

TEKOS serves as important protective jacket in respect of tightness and resistance against chemical attacks in case of hazardous chemical leakages. Many materials are used as shields against leakages. However, since these materials are found insufficient,  TEKOS protective shields whose body and squeeze threads are made of special materials are produced. TEKOS protective shields that ve we produce are made of PTFE materials.

These shields are designed to be efficient solution on leakages may be occurred form all flange and connection members.

In semitransculant models of these shields, visual inspection of leakages is enabled. If there is any leakage in flanges is determined, these can be dismounted and can be used repeatedly without concerning about being affected by chemical attacks.

TEKOS  Protective shields can used in pH  range of 1- 14 pH  and temperature range of -73 °C with 288 °C (-100 °F – 550 °F ).

TEKOS, which can be applied with its versatility and low cost; is used in shipyards, chemicals, offshore, cryogenic materials, cleaning agents and pharmaceutical industry.


  • Resistant to wet and chemical effects.
  • Continuous operation temperature is 288 °C (550 °F)
  • Do not affected by ultraviolet light
  • Zero porosity.
  • It is designed in monoblock form.
  • Its semitransculent nature enables visual checking of leakages.
  • Squeezing thread is made of special material.
  • Application by wrapping prevents leakages from sides.
  • Can be used repeatedly.
  • Produced in many colors.
  • Many optional applications can be performed (e.g., discharge valve)
  • Can be produced in special dimensions (depending on shape and dimensions of equipment)
Tekos Flanş Siperi
Tekos Flanş Siperi
Tekos Flanş Siperi
Tekos Flanş Siperi