Established in 1980, Kıvanç Group continues its activities in 3 divisions; Safety, Engineering and Mining.

In Safety Division, personal protective clothing against heat and flame, static discharges, arc flashes, molten metals, welding spatters is produced.

Our company has established the first heat laboratory for personal protective garments in Turkey. Following the second investment that we have made, our physical test laboratory has commenced to provide services. In our heat and physical test laboratory, raw materials (fabrics, accessories etc.,) and finished products (protective garments) are tested in accordance with EN and ISO standards. In our laboratory, which serves for R&D purposes also, new products are developed and all controls are performed before CE certification. These controls enhance product reliability and expedite required processes.

Thanks to the barcode system which have been integrated to our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that we have been using since 2009, the traceability has been made available and all product processes can be monitored. Depending upon work order number on the label of garments produced by our company, date of production; materials used in that production; date, lot number and supplier of the raw materials could be traced back.

We also offer Product Liability Insurance for protective garments we produce. The cost of damages that may arise from the incidents to be encountered by the people using our garments due to material and faulty workmanship have been guaranteed within this insurance.

In Engineering Division, thermal insulation applications to reduce the heat loss are done by using high temperature resistant glass fiber based materials. We manufacture removable insulation pads for turbines, plastic injection molding machines, textile dying machines, exhaust parts of vehicles, valves etc. Correct materials are used by calculating the heat loss, minimum thickness of insulation, surface temperature etc. Thermal imaging cameras are used to find the heat loss areas.

Machine equipment insulations, textile compensators, fire blankets, smoke screens and welding blankets are produced by using glass fiber based materials.

In Mining Division, Silica (Quartz) Sand and Musselstone are extracted.

  • Silica (Quartz) Sand is used in potable and waste water filtration, in construction chemicals, in railroads as a skid preventing sand, in hippodromes, in pitch and sports fields and in many other fields.
  • Musselstone is a compact stone that consists of limestone, silica and fossil sediment (such as clams and mussels). It is in light beige color, highly or partly porous with fossil according to its formation. Musselstone has been used frequently in artistic works that require aesthetic, elegance and art such as interior spaces, coves, columns, jambs, exedras, wall copings, fire places, landscaping, reliefs, crown gates, portal, altars, minibars, birdhouses, benevolence stones. Nowadays, it is used for restoration of historical buildings, and in new buildings, kiosks, villas waterfront residences, garden walls, walking trails, and in similar places.
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To be an innovative, ready for change, value adopting company where realistic decisions and permanent applications are available, with a healthy and safe working environment that employees fondly come, which is capable to establish trust based relationships with its customers, which mainly aims to protect persons with its experience, knowledge and trained staff and its understanding of sustainability, reliability and high quality, and to go beyond expectations with our services and products provided with state o art technology.


To be a leading company that guides the industry, which all its stakeholders are proud of with its experience, production and technical knowledge as well as its quality and R&D activities on all activities that it engages in.


We carry out our activities in a dynamic structure with accordance legal requirements and the requirements of our management systems

Integrated Management System Policy

We proceed in line with the environment and human-oriented policies we have determined within the framework of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.