Properties of Musselstone


  1. İt is an organic sediment stone. It is formed by sediments like limestone, silica and fossil (mussels).
  2. It is porous and fossiliferous stone in light beige tone.
  3. It is soft before extracted from quarry. This is why it is easy to process. Afterwards it is hardened by incorporate with corbondioxide in air. This hardness continues for a long time. As years pass by its resistance is increased compared to concrete.
  4. While tension, pressure and slipping resistances of limestone are increased over time, its resistance against external effects and its porous nature increased.
  5. it’s does not lose its properties even in the water.
  6. It has not been used as external façade material only, but it has used in interior purposes, floorings, arches, doorjambs, bay windows, capstones, and fireplaces, landscaping reliefs, portals, shrines and minibars.
  7. It is used in contemporary architecture and restoration of historical buildings and new buildings, villas, seaside residences, garden walls, walking paves and similar places.