Firefighting Products

EN 469:2005 This European Standard specifies minimum levels of performance requirements for protective clothing to be worn during
firefighting operations and associated activites such as rescue work, assistance during disasters. This European Standard covers general clothing design, minimum performance levels of the materials used and methods of test to be used to determine these performance
levels. Firefighting Garments shall provide protection for the firefighters torso, neck, arms to the wrists, and leg to ankles during the activites.
EN 469: 2005 Level 2 is the higher requirement for structural fire fighting and is used by professional firefighters.
Level 2 Suits should include a waterproof moisture barrier.
Xf2 = Convective heat HTl24 ≥ 13 s and HTl24 – HTl12 ≥ 4 s
Xr2 = Radiant heat RHTl24 ≥ 18 s and RHTl24 – RHTl24 ≥ 4 s
Y2 = Water resistance ≥ 20 kPa
Z2 = Water vapour resistance ≤ 30 m2 Pa/W