We are aware of the importance of R&D which is the most fundamental requirement of economic growth besides continuous development. Accordingly, we established the first R&D and Quality Control Laboratory of Turkey in Protective Clothing Industry. The laboratory consists of two separate departments where the heat and physical tests are held. The raw materials (fabrics, accessories etc.) and finished products (protective garments) are tested in heat and physical test laboratories accordance to EN and ISO standards. New products are developed as a result of the tests and all controls are performed before CE certification. These controls enhance product reliability and expedite required processes.

Tested listed below are performed in our laboratories:

  • TS EN ISO 15025 Experiment method for limited fire spreading (Limited Fire Spreading (A))
  • TS EN 367 Determination method for heat transmission in flame (Heat transmission with flame (B))
  • TS EN ISO 6942 Evaluation of materials and material combinations that are exposed to heat sources that spread by radiance (Radian heat transmission (C))
  • TS EN ISO 13934-1 Determination of biggest force and extending along under the biggest force by strip method (ultimate tensile stress determination)
  • TS EN ISO 13937-2 Determination of tear strength of experiment sample pants, single tearing method (Determination of tearing strength)
  • TS EN ISO 12945-2 determination of surface seeding and pilling inclination in fabrics by Martindale method
  • TS EN ISO 12947-2 determination of resistance of wearing in fabrics by Martindale method – Section 2: determination of ultimate tensile stress of sample
  • TS 257 EN 20811 Determination of water permeability (Hydrostatic pressure experiment)
  • TS 391 EN ISO 9237 determination of air permeability in fabrics.
  • TS EN ISO 4920 determination of surface wetting resistance (spraying test)
  • TS 251 (ISO 3801) Determination of unit length and unit are mass (determination of grammage)
  • TS EN ISO 105 X12 determination of colorfastness against friction
  • ISO 6330 Washing and drying process with domestic type washing machines
  • TS EN ISO 5077 Determination of shirking and widening after washing and drying
  • TS 250 EN 1049-2 Determination of number of threads in unit length
  • TS EN ISO 14116 Materials, material combinations and apparels with limited flame spreading feature (Protection against limited flame spreading)
  • Determination of color coordinates (Color check with Spectrophotometer)
  • TS 244 EN ISO 2060 Determination of linear density (mass per unit length) – Skein method (Determination of thread number (from fabric and thread))
  • Fiber analysis with digital microscope