Insulation Materials

Insulation materials such as KlevoMat, KlevoSat, Klevowool, Rockwool are used in our insulation applications. At 1000 °Cs needled KlevoSat glass fiber felts are used. These products are high-intensity products and are parodec with needling method without using any binding material. They may be produced in 3-25 mm thickness. Their densities are varying between 100 kg/m3 and 180 kg/m3.

Klevowool insulation materials are new generation products and they can be used at up to 1260 °Cs. Unlik ceramic blankets, they are not carcinogenic. And may be produced in various thickness and densities. They are mainly produced in 25 and 50 mm in thickness and 610 mm in width. Rock wools are produced as plate, rabitz, with or without wires, granule and industrial mat forms. These products are resistant to 750 °C and produced in various thickness and densities.