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PROTEK® Fire Blanket

PROTEK® Fire Blanket is produced in accordance with EN 1869 and DIN 14155 standards.

Various dimensions of fire blankets are available and they have many benefits during firefighting.

Fire blanket is used;

  • To throw out to the flame to extinguish fire at the beginning of the fire
  • To rescue people trapped in fire by covering with fire blanket and remove from fire environment
  • To cover the equipment to be evacuated

Thanks to the special fabric used, it can extinguish small fires before it spreads by drifting apart oxygen contact with the area.

PROTEK® Fire Blanket is made of non-asbestos glass fiber fabric.

Fire blankets are made of one-piece fabric and high temperature resistant threads are used in their production. The fabric is boucle type in order to prevent slipping from the wrapped surface.

PROTEK® Fire Blanket has holding pockets made of high temperature resistant fabric which provides ease of use. You must intervene by using these pockets during the fire.

Fire blanket is offered in its original bag (on which user’s guide is written on, and can be practically hanged in usage area) for local and industrial use.

Material: Boucle type glass fabric

Standard Sizes: 90 x 150 cm, 160 x 180 cm, 100 x 140 cm

Production in different sizes is available upon request.

Areas of Usage

PROTEK® Fire Blanket is suitable for use in various fire sensitive environments such as factories, hotels, hospitals, schools, gas stations, public transportation vehicles, automobiles, stores, restaurants and offices.

Usage Instructions

  • Fire blanket should be maintained in its bag.
  • You can hang it with the hanger on the bag.
  • Fire blanket is placed inside the bag with a special folding method. By inserting your hands into the pockets, you can take the blanket out of the bag, and the blanket will be opened completely in a manner suitable for firefighting. After use, fold it down in the same way and put it back in place.
  • Since fire blanket is a non-flammable product, it does not require any extra application before the fire fighting. Before intervention, do not wet the fire blanket or put it in water.