What is Silica Sand?

It is one of most found mines in most regions of the World. Silica sand is in high hardness. In our country, it is found in Thrace Region and Şile. Hardness ratios, silica ratios and chemical structures of mines are variable according to regions of mines, and character of mines.slica snad can be used as wet and dry in industry. Field of area of silica sand has large variety. It is used as raw material in most areas of construction industry. Furthermore, basically it is used as filtration sand, molding sand, and in glass production. Silica sand is generally yellow, beige and white.

All kind of silica sand and gravels are produced modern facilities of our company in desired sizes by processed under washing, screening and drying processes.

Our products are provided to our customers after analyzing of properties such as size of grains, AFS, humidity etc. are performed in our laboratory within our company.

In consideration of nature of quarry, silica sand island based and formed by natural crumbling and it is covered by musselstone layer. This is why, unlike other sand types, it contains trace quantity of clay, and does not contain organic substances and salt. Due to this feature, it does not cause mousiness in purification plants and prevents congestion in filters.