REFSTAR Radiant Heat Protective Clothing


Persons those who work on facilities such as iron and steel plants, glass plants are exposed to significantly high radiant heat. They are exposed to molten metal splashes or molten glass splashes. Traditional fabrics made of cotton or polyester catch fire when they are exposed to such conditions and causes injuries on body of persons. High radiant heat restricts working conditions of persons. PROTEK® REFSTAR apparels are designed to reflect such radiant heat and ensure you to work more comfortably and to protect you against splashes that may occur. PROTEK® REFSTAR Apparels that are made of nonflammable fabric reflects 95% of radiant heat and thus provides more comfortable working environment an increase chance of surviving. PROTEK® REFSTAR Apparels should be worn on other protective apparels to ensure an additional protection. They should be used as complementary equipment to protective apparels not instead of  those.