What Is Musselstone?

Musselstone is an only stone that is known as “İstanbul Stone” in the world and “Bakırköy Stone” in Ottoman Empire; started to be used in Roman and Byzantine era; reached a peak in hands of Sinan the Architect and survive for long years as 2500 years. Limestone stratums are located in west of İstanbul region between Davutpaşa, Bakırköy, Sefaköy (Yeşilköy, Şrinevler, Merter, Haznedar) on Neocene basin, which reaches out from İstanbul to Küçükçekmece. Construction stone demand of İstanbul and nearby cities from quarries, which have been operated form hundreds of years in this region. Furthermore, like-for-like stones have been extracted from quarries in Thrace region Edirne province and they have been used in Edirne province and nearby cities and towns and especially in Selimiye Mosque.

The most important feature of limestone is being suitable for all kind of processing and engraved easily when it extracted from soil; and it gains hardness and robustness after contact with air by incorporating with carbon dioxide in air.

It has become fundamental stone of interior and exterior of all buildings that constitute aesthetic of İstanbul from building of Hagia Sofia and Yenikapı walls in byzantine era and building of Süleymaniye social complex in Ottoman era. It has been used in important our historical buildings such as Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Darüşşafaka Madrasah, Akdeniz Madrasah, Fatih Mosque.

Limestone is stone that has climatic features as well. It helps you to breathe sigh of relief by absorbing dog days in summer and freezing cold in winter.

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