PROTEK® Welding Curtain

Do sparks that scattered during welding works damage your equipment and machines? Do welding clinkers cling on your machines and equipment and get rusted over time.

Do persons present around are damaged when welding works are performed? Do work accidents occur?

Is there any potential to start fire because of sparks ignite oil, fuel and similar substances present around?

Do your solutions to prevent these are not sufficient?

Thanks to welding curtain, which are produced in sizes that you requested, you will not encounter these problems again. Thanks to capsules at edges, you can use it everywhere and you can hang or stretch it anywhere. Welding curtain that you buy will be your asset and yu can use it again when you need it.

Thanks to welding curtain you both protect your people and machines and equipment, and also remove potential of fire.

You can cover up your machine and equipment; therefore you can protect your machine and equipment from damages arising from welding sparks.

Welding tents suitable for outdoor usage can be produced.

You can lay flat it and make welding on it.

You can use it as curtain by hanging around place where you work. Since therefore, you can prevent damages of equipment, machines and persons around.

If you make welding at high places and there are other persons working below, you can prevent welding spatter on they by stretching welding curtain under place where you make welding.