Aluminized Protective Suit for Firefighters

This Garment is intended for use in specialized fire-fighting operations, which may include the activites of rescue and fire suppression at incidents involving very high levels of radiant, convective and contact heat, such as aircraft crushes, bulk flammable gas and bulk flammable liquid fires. These operations are conducted close to the fire but do not involve fire entry. Suitable Breathing Apparatus must be used together with the garment. The period for which protection will be provided by a protective garment can not be precisely stated as it will depend on the specific conditions encountered. The level of protection as outlined within EN 1486 is achieved through the use of multi-layer clothing assembly. The Overjacket, Overtrousers, Shroud, gloves and boot with gaiter have been designed to offer protection as defined in EN 1486 on its own without under garments.