Close cooperation between firefighters and ergonomy experts became supplementary factor for our studies for developing new interspiro backrests. Ergonomic design of all components and many smart properties make this backrest quite useful. Each component of backrest has been selected and designed carefully to ensure backrests have sufficient durability to cope with very extreme conditions.


Interspiro attachable regulator is durable and has proven functionality. High flow capacity of regulator that maintains safe pressure in mask even in extreme breathing and low tube pressure conditions, is well known by all firefighters in the world and it is a preferable feature due to its quality

Mask and Valve

Interspiro has a long-term tradition in design of safe and physiologically compatible bathing apparatus. This heritage can be seen clearly in our breathing apparatus and mask that have low breathing resistance and high air capacity and which satisfy air need of user directly. Environmental air compartment, which is attached on some models enables mask and other equipment can be put on even in standby mode without using air in cylinder. You only push on compartment whenever you want to activate apparatus.