Station Uniform

Station uniforms are designed for jobs requiring protection against sudden flash fire, impact of electric arc etc.

Station uniforms are designed as daily wear for firefighters and should be considered as secondary protective clothing. When the fire brigade is to be intervened by the fire, it is worn over the station uniform to provide a considerable degree of protection.

Garments are permanently anti-static and prevent sparks due to static electric charge build-up which could lead to an explosion in presence of flammable chemicals such as liquid petroleum gases.

The flame resistance of the garment is permanent throughout the life and it cannot be washed or worn out.

Design Features:

  • Zipper on front of the jacket, concealed by a storm flap, closes with FR velcro fastener
  • Pockets on front right and left of the jacket, closing by FR velcro fastener
  • Aramid knitted cuffs on the jacket
  • Elastic belts both on the right and left of the waist
  • 25 cm front opening on the front part of the trousers with a single button
  • Leg hems at least 26 cm
  • Cargo pockets an left and right side of trousers
  • According to TS EN ISO 13688