Alexus (832346)

The Most Equipped Fire Suit

Our latest fire suit “Alexus” – meaning defender in Latin – ensures top design & ergonomy combined with perfect technology for highest level of protection and comfort.

Outstanding Features in Alexus Design

  • belt system (search & rescue)
  • DRD (easy removal of firefighter in case of emergency with the rescue belt located on the back yoke)
  • ergonomic knee and elbow system ( up to 20% flexibility with comfort enhancing flexible system for easy body movement)
  • segmented reflective tapes (comfortable, easy movement)
  • glow in the dark photolumiscence tapes (silhoutte visible in total darkness, visible in 200 m distance, 5 minutes charge with solar energy, 10 minutes charge with lamp energy, 8 hours of illumination with full charge)
  • internal shoulder padding system with air channels for improved breathability and air flow
  • ergonomic pockets (bellow pocket, hidden side pocket)
  • the most advanced layer system in the market

Layer System

Alexus is designed considering the most challenging conditions that a firefighter could encounter, has two layer system options.

The most advanced layer system in the market Firestop: 50% more thermal insulation and 50% more breathable layer system compared to EN 469 requirement

Layers used in Firestop system ensure maximum protection, maximum resistance and maximum comfort.

Free Plus provides superior protection and resistance, maximum comfort and economy.

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