PROTEK® Coveralls 838101

The flame lick that may occur in a possible explosion ignites the traditional fabrics such as cotton, polyester. Even the flame source disappears; the person encounters the burning risk because the fabric continues to burn.

PROTEK® INDUSTAR cloths are designed for protecting you in the flame explosions. PROTEK® INDUSTAR cloths which are produced from nonflammable fabrics, die down when the flame source disappears and do not continue to burn. Therefore, it provides tine for escape, reduces the burning risk of the person and increases the chance of survival.

Usage Areas

o All sectors with the risk of exposing to heat and flame
o Gas filling facilities
o Refinery
o Petrochemical plants,
o Fire works factories
o Cement Plants
o Glass factories etc.

PROTEK® INDUSTAR which is certified as per TS EN ISO 11612, ” Protective Clothes against heat and flame” standard” , is offered to the usage of customers with different models such as suits, coats, pants, shirts, pants with bib and jump suit.

Our design office develops customized models to the customers as well as logo and reflective strip additions.