Protek Welding Curtain

Main application areas are classified as Oil & Gas, Refineries, Off-shore, Petrochemical Companies, Ammunition Factories, Fire-works Manufacturers, Cement Industry, Glass Industry, Military & Police, Railways, Shipbuilding Industry, Iron & Steel Industry, Automotive Industry, Engineering Projects, Foundries, Welding.ndırılabilir.

Outstanding Features:

  • Welding blanket made of hybride composite material reinforced with heat resistant glass fiber fabric needle punched to a molten metal splash protective carbon felt from both sides.
  • More durable, lighter and easier to use compared to other welding curtains
  • Standard sizes are 90 x 100 cm, 190 x 100 cm, 190 x 200 cm, 190 x 300 cm, 190 x 400 cm (Different sizes are available upon request)

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