Klevostar – Turbine, Machine and Equipment Insulation with Removable Pad System

Many machines that we use in both daily lives and in factories are operated by continuous consumption of energy. Especially after energy crisis in 1970s, solutions to minimize consumed energy were pursued in countries that encountered energy shortage problems. Performed researches revealed that the most efficient way was minimize energy loss by applying insulation.

As realized by whole world, resources of energy are not infinite. Especially in our country where energy is very expensive, energy saving has a significant importance.

Insulation with Klevostar – Removable Pad System is most preferable insulation system thanks to its energy saving feature as well as it provides work health and safety, time saving due to easy mounting and dismounting feature (minimum production loss) and It enables use of state od art products.

Removable pad system is consisting of insulation pads, which are produced by using materials with low thermal conductivity and resistant to high temperatures. These produced pads are fitted all around of machine by placing these side by side and one top of the other, thus loss of heat from anywhere is prevented. A machine, which is insulated in such way, can be ready for repair thanks to easy dismounting of these pads. After having required repair pads are placed in their places and machine becomes ready for operation in a very short time of period.


  • Economic life of insulation is equal to economic life of material. That is to say, life of materials is equal to life of insulation since insulation can be used again when it is dismounted.
  • It can be mounted and dismounted very easily.
  • Commissioning time is short and homogenous insulation features are high in tribune body and machine insulation applications.
  • Heat dissipation is minimized better compared to fixed insulation
  • Unlike fixed insulations, soluble pad system is of repeatable mounting and dismounting features.
  • Since used materials have low thermal conductivity coefficient, heat insulation is realized with high efficiency.
  • It can be easily applied where insulation applications hard to be performed.
  • It works flawlessly for long years. Does not require extra maintenance.
  • It is more economic and efficient in long term.
Klevostar Çözülebilir Yastık Sistemi - Türbin İzolasyonu
Klevostar Çözülebilir Yastık Sistemi - Türbin İzolasyonu
Klevostar Çözülebilir Yastık Sistemi - Türbin İzolasyonu
Klevostar Çözülebilir Yastık Sistemi - Tekstil Boya Makinesi İzolasyonu
Klevostar Çözülebilir Yastık Sistemi - Kazan İzolasyonu
Klevostar Çözülebilir Yastık Sistemi ve Esanjör - Reaktör  İzolasyonu
Klevostar Çözülebilir Yastık Sistemi - Türbin İzolasyonu