PROTEK® Shirt 839114

The persons working in facilities such as energy transmission and energy distribution are exposed to explosions arising from electric arc. Many risks such as flame, liquid metal splashing, radiation, high pressure and sound are confronted during electric arc. When the traditional cloths such as cotton, polyester expose to electric arc, they ignite, puncture and cause the person to get injured by flaming.

This results in the following losses:

  • Workforce loss
  • Hospital charge
  • Indemnity arising from injuries and deaths

PROTEK® ARCSTAR clothes are designed for protecting you against the risk occurring during the electric arc. PROTEK® ARCSTAR cloths which are produced from nonflammable fabrics function as insulation during electric arc and do not continue to burn. Therefore, it provides time for escape, reduces the burning risk of the person and increases the chance of survival.

PROTEK®  ARCSTAR which is certified as per TS EN 61482-1-2, ” Protective Clothes against work under high voltage,   electric arc” standard”, is offered to the usage of customers with different models such as Suits, coats, pants, shirts, and reefer jackets.

Usage Areas

  • All sectors with the risk of exposing to electric arc,
  • Personnel working in electrical work in all factories,
  • Electrical Transmission Facilities,
  • Electrical Distribution Facilities
  • Energy Production Facilities,
  • Power Plants
  • Ship Building
  • Railways etc.

Our design office develops customized models to the customers as well as logo and reflective strip additions