Protective Clothing for Wildland Firefigting


WILDSTAR is the lightest solution for wildland firefighting made of flame resistant PBI fabric. It protects the personnel in work areas against fire, and antistatic fiber prevents electrostatic generation.

  • Comfort is also maximized with its low weight along with excellent protection.
  • Fabric is inherently flame resistant, and does not lose this property after repeatedly washing. It is not affected by neither outdoor conditions such as rain, snow etc. or indoor conditions such as sweat, friction etc.
  • Thanks to fabrics unique composition, tear strength reaches very high values. In this way, the resistance of the clothing against mechanical effects such as tearing and ripping in forestland.
  • Water repellency is provided by the FC treatment applied to the fabric.
  • 100% aramid yarn is used in clothing sewing.
  • Reflective tapes provide visibility day and night.
  • Jacket & trousers certified according to EN 15614